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Video Project - BioInnovate Ireland // Thoughts on editing interviews

Client: BioInnovate Ireland / University of Galway

Video Production Services: Launch Video, Videography, Cinematography, Video Editing


Last month I was tasked with creating a "impact" video for BioInnovate Ireland. What is an "impact video" you ask? Essentially BioInnovate Ireland were celebrating 13 years in business (they had missed the 10 year anniversary due to Covid) and they wanted an impactful video that highlighted their journey to date, what they had achieved and the success stories that sprang from BioInnovate.

Creating an "impact video" or "launch video" is something I do quite a bit of. Usually the goal from the client's perspective is to summarise their company culture, their identity and their achievements to date. It needs to be something that makes the client go "wow, look how far we have come". With a project like this I am often asked what is the best way to communicate their message and how can we do it in under 2 minutes?

In a nutshell for this kind of video that has to be fast and to the point there are two routes:

  1. Scripted

  2. Non-Scripted

Scripted would be involve creating a script and hiring a voiceover artist or actors to communicate the message. If the length of the video is critical (e.g it has to be 30 seconds) this is usually the best approach. However this can also be more costly.

The non-scripted approach, which is the one we chose to take in this instance, can be considered more of a documentary-led approach. The benefit of this approach is that it can be less costly in terms of not needing to hire actors, but more than that, the biggest benefit is that this approach lends itself to being more honest and personable. It gives those important to the organisation their chance to express their thoughts. The downside to this approach? You usually end up with several hours of material that you need to whittle down. In this case there were 10 interviews captured over 2 days averaging about 30 minutes each equalling 5 hours in total for a 3 minute video.

So how do you manage this and make sure you hit the key points you need to communicate?

Firstly good interviews are created in the prep. You need to do the research so you know what X person does and what they are best positioned to discuss. Furthermore, don't be afraid of asking the interviewees to repeat questions and add more context. I find that often enough when people answer a question they answer it the long way first then repeat themselves at the end in a more succinct way - this can be the perfect piece you need! And if you don't get it, ask for it.

When it comes to editing all of this down I continuously remind myself of what the main points we are trying to communicate are. I write them out in bullet points and pin them to my monitor. Secondly you have to be very decisive and be comfortable with the fact that not all the best bits will make it in. I always aim to get first cut approval with a client - sometimes it works and sometimes it's the 2nd or 3rd cut but in this instance there was no feedback from the client when they saw the video.

I believe nailing the clients vision comes from focusing in on what's important to the client, ticking off that bullet list and being confident in your edit decisions.

Here is the finished video for BioInnovate Ireland:

Get in contact now and let's collaborate.

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